NSI Lacrosse is the official girls lacrosse organization for East Bellevue, WA including Newport, Sammamish, and Interlake High Schools and their supporting schools.

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Volunteers Needed at Every Level of NSI. What can you do to help?

NSI Lacrosse is a non-profit organization funded by registration fees and donations. Financial support, however, is only part of the picture. The Club needs "people power" to make it run! That's where you come in.

Team Level Volunteer Opportunities

Team Parent

Lacrosse is truly a team sport which requires the commitment of not only the players but the parents as well. The Team Parent is vital in coordinating the many components of a successful season. Each Team Parent is encouraged to recruit other team parents in supporting the success of the team and club. 

Following is a list of responsibilities for each Team Parent

which is to contain the following items:

a)        Emergency Contact Information for each player

b)       Roster and Jersey Numbers (bring copies for other team scorebooks)

c)        Most current Practice and Game schedule (with referees assigned to the games)

d)       Field Permits and combination codes for lax goals

e)       Coach contact info for the other teams

f)        Copy of Youth/HS Rules-can pull from our website


The Team Binder should be given to the coach and must be at each game.


The Team Parent is the central source of communication. This typically includes weekly emails regarding upcoming game information and links, game recap and various important pieces of information to keep the team and parents well prepared and informed throughout the season.

Each Team Needs...

Scorekeepers – Required for all games. Typically, this is shared between 2 or more parents so that a parent isn’t required to manage the scorekeeping of each game. Each team supplies one scorekeeper.

Timekeepers – Required for home games only. This task can also be divided between 2 or more parents. The home team supplies one timekeeper.

Spotters- Required for all games. Typically, this is shared between 2 or more parents so that a parent isn’t required to manage the spotting for every game. Each team supplies one spotter.

Supply Table and 3 folding Chairs-Required at home games.

Supply Tent for Scoring Table - Required at home games. Great to have home and away- check with coach on preferences.

Make Roster Cards for the Team- Names, numbers, and contact info.

Team Kit – Each team will have a bag stocked with a variety of items including a stopwatch, scoring book, horn, tape and first aid items. The Team Kit must be brought to every game, well stocked and easily accessible. Often the team kit is kept by the coach. The team parent is responsible for making sure it is stocked up with all items.

Field Preparation – Placing cones, setting nets, lining the field (if needed), scorekeeping tables (tent if available), ensure that the scorekeeping, team and spectators are on the correct side of the field.

Post-game clean-up -The post-game clean-up is typically very minor however, as we want to have the ability to use the fields in the future, it’s important that we leave them in excellent condition following each and every home game. Again, other parents should be recruited to take on this task. Enforce rule of WATER ONLY on the turf fields.

Tournament Travel Coordinator - Your team may travel to a tournament or two over the season or post-season in June. The coordinator will work with the coach to arrange travel plans, hotels and team dinners for the tournament.

Party Planning & Recognition – One Volunteer to coordinate team kick off party, and another to coordinate the end of season party and recognition.

Uniform Inventory -Consists of inventory, pre-season distribution, and end of season collection from players.

Photographer/Videographer (Optional for youth teams, mandatory for high school teams)