NSI Lacrosse is the official girls lacrosse organization for East Bellevue, WA including Newport, Sammamish, and Interlake High Schools and their supporting schools.

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Bellevue School District Affiliation

Bellevue School District boundaries can be located here:  http://www.bsd405.org/wp-content/pdf/boundaries/High%20Boundary%20Map.pdf

Bellevue School District Sanctioned Sport

Our girl’s lacrosse program is affiliated with and recognized by the Bellevue School District as an official sport. Varsity athletes are awarded letters from their respective high schools.  

Athletes must complete a physical and sports eligibility packet for their home high school, adhere to the Bellevue School District “Purple Policy,” and comply with all WIAA and King County Conference rules and regulations in order to participate (just like all other WIAA and King County Conference-sanctioned sports).

NSI Lacrosse is thankful for the support of the Interlake, Sammamish, and Newport High School administrations and athletic departments.

Physical and Sports Eligibility Packets

Because of our affiliation with BSD, all high school players must complete the Sports Eligibility Packet, which the player can get from her home high school. The packet includes the requirement for a physical from a family doctor. The deadline for turning in Sports Eligibility Packets is in February. NSI Lacrosse highly recommends that players complete the physical and paperwork and turn the packet in early. We will not allow players to take the field for High School Assessments without this completed paperwork.

Bellevue School District Athletic Participation Fees

We do not receive funding from the Bellevue School District.  Therefore, NSI Lacrosse players ARE NOT REQUIRED to pay any of the following fees:

  • Athletic Participation Fee.
  • Transportation Fee.
  • ASB Fee.

Bellevue School District Athletic Codes & Policies

We adhere to the following Bellevue School District Athletic/Activity Code, which covers topics related to school attendance; minimum grade point average; and conduct issues such as alcohol, drug, and tobacco use.