NSI Lacrosse is the official girls lacrosse organization for East Bellevue, including Newport, Sammamish, and Interlake High Schools and their supporting schools..

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We've put together an equipment guide to help you gear up for the season.
Some of the items are required and some are nice to have and can make the season more comfortable. Lacrosse is a spring sport which will be played in the rain. We've marked the items as used in practice or games.

Required Equipment

Stick and eye guard are required equipment. 

More information about sticks here.

More information about eye guards here.

A mouth guard is required equipment.

All players must properly wear a
mouthpiece that fully covers the teeth. The mouthpiece shall be of any readily visible
color other than clear or white and must not have graphics of white teeth. There may be no protruding tabs for field players.

Plain Black shorts.


Optional, But Recommended

Cleats are highly recommended, even for youth players. Lacrosse is a running sport, so feet will be happiest when comfortable. We've found that "soccer" cleats can be slightly cheaper than cleats labeled as "lacrosse" cleats and are virtually the same shoe. *practice & games

Sports bra. A good sports bra will completely immobilize breasts and eliminate all bouncing while running. Yes, we said it out loud. Some girls can get away with wearing a sports bra like the one pictured here. Others will require more support. The good news is that girls who require more support have a great option in an ENELL sports bra. You can learn more about the bra on their website, order online, or be fitted for and purchase the bra at Title Nine Sports in Bellevue. Please help your daughter understand the importance of making the correct purchase for her body type--she'll thank you now when she's comfortably supported on the field and later in life. *practice & games

Water bottle. *practice and games

Under Armour or other cold weather compression top in BLACK. This is a piece of clothing that can make the difference between your player having a fun season or a miserable one.

Breathable, water proof rain jacket. Fit should allow full range of motion. *practice

Under Armour or other cold weather compression bottoms in BLACK

Water repellant gloves to keep hands warm while gripping a stick out in the rain.

Cold weather headband.

7-8 and High School players will need to wear black shorts underneath the kilts.

Yes, that is a garbage bag. Have your player keep one in her equipment bag. Then when she comes to practice, she can put her equipment bag inside the garbage bag, which will help to keep her things a little drier. Did we mention that it will rain during the season? *practice & games